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Labor & Delivery at University of Colorado Hospital

Why Choose University of Colorado Hospital for Labor and Delivery?

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At University of Colorado Hospital, we have some of the top obstetric doctors in the country as well as a unique midwifery program so patients can choose the care that is best for them.

The Birth Center has private rooms, each with the latest equipment available, to assure the safe delivery of your baby. Our nurses are specially educated in labor, delivery and post-delivery care. Obstetric and pediatric specialists are always available for any complications with the mother or baby.

For your post-delivery care, we practice “couplet care,” where the mother and the baby stay together as much as possible. We also have certified lactation consultants to help mothers who choose to breastfeed.

The Women’s Care Center offers obstetric care for high-risk pregnancies. The nursing staff has received intensive training in the care of the most complicated pregnancies and works closely with the obstetricians and perinatologists to provide the highest quality medical care.  The Women’s Care Center also cares for patients when they first arrive at the hospital, whether they believe that they are in labor or need after-hours care for another reason.

Pregnancy and Birth Options

At University of Colorado Hospital, families may choose to upgrade to a private suite after the delivery of their baby.

All private suites are luxury, hotel-quality rooms with extra services including:

  • Private chef
  • King-sized bed
  • Living room area with plenty of space for family and friends
  • Care provided in your room by your medical team

The University of Colorado Hospital Colorado Adolescent Maternity Program is a special program for pregnant teenagers and their families. The program provides care, support and education during pregnancy, delivery and as the baby grows to help teens become successful parents.

About Labor & Delivery at University of Colorado Hospital

Labor and delivery are the final stages of pregnancy that end with the birth of the baby. Labor and delivery should happen between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. Women who go into labor before that time will receive high-risk care.

The labor process begins when the woman’s body changes to get ready for the baby to be born. Her cervix will dilate (widen) to create an opening large enough for the baby. Then contractions (cramping of the uterus) begin to move the baby down through the birth canal.

The labor process results in the birth of the baby. A baby may be born by vaginal birth or a Cesarean section (when the baby is removed surgically).

Postpartum (after-delivery) care begins as soon as your baby is delivered. This includes all medical care and support for the mother and baby. The length of stay in the hospital depends on the medical condition of the mother and baby.

Featured Labor & Delivery Doctors & Certified Nurse Midwife

Henry Galan, MD, Maternal/Fetal Medicine

Ches Thompson, MD, University Women’s Care

Erica L. Schwartz is a certified nurse midwife and the midwifery practice director. She specializes in women's health, childbirth and quality management within the midwifery practice. She has a masters degree in nursing and is completing a clinical doctorate in nursing practice.