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Care for Thrombophlebitis

Why Choose Treatment for Thrombophlebitis at University of Colorado Hospital

Your primary care doctor will typically provide treatment for thrombophlebitis.

If the swelling in the veins worsens, University of Colorado Hospital offers the expertise of vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists to provide the best in medical treatment as well as cutting-edge catheter and laser.

What is Thrombophlebitis?

Thrombophlebitis is a chronic (long-lasting) swelling in the veins, usually of the legs, caused by blood clots. Unlike deep vein thrombosis (DVT), thrombophlebitis occurs in the superficial veins (those closer to the surface).

Thrombophlebitis is not life-threatening, and your body may dissolve the clots on its own. However, if the discomfort caused by the swelling interferes with your functioning, your primary care doctor will direct treatment to alleviate the pain.

Dermatologists, internal medicine and family medicine doctors are qualified to treat thrombophlebitis.

Medical Team


A doctor who specializes in skin care.

Primary care doctor

A doctor who provides initial care for a patient with a concern, ongoing care for a variety of conditions and referrals to specialists for patients who need additional care.


To manage the pain from thrombophlebitis, your doctor may prescribe various self-care measures, including:

  • Warm compresses
  • Compression stockings to force blood out of the superficial veins and into the deep veins
  • Elevating the leg to lessen the pressure on the vein
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, to help thin the blood

If your doctor believes that the swelling has spread to the deep veins, he or she may recommend tests and treatments for deep vein thrombosis.

Patient Education

Living with Thrombophlebitis

You can often manage the treatment of your thrombophlebitis by:

  • elevating your legs
  • avoiding standing for long periods of time
  • managing your weight

Additional Thrombophlebitis Resources

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