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About TomoTherapy Treatment at University of Colorado Hospital

The TomoTherapy® Hi-Art® system lets doctors see 3-D images of every patient, every day. Doctors check these images to precisely determine the size, shape and location of tumors before each treatment. This helps them direct radiation exactly where it should be – minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Precision Cancer Treatment Around You

TomoTherapy® radiation treatment is delivered similar to the way a CT obtains an image: by continually rotating around a patient.

However, the Hi-Art® system is not only capturing an image – it's also delivering a highly focused, intense beam of radiation to the cancer target area from multiple angles.

TomoTherapy assists physicians in developing highly precise treatment plans with minimized side effects for patients. The TomoTherapy machine at the new facility, operated by the University of Colorado Cancer Center, is one of only 120 in the world.

Adaptive Technology Benefits Patients

Why Choose the University of Colorado Cancer Center for Radiation Therapy?

The University of Colorado Cancer Center (UCCC) is the region's only Comprehensive Cancer Center as designated by the National Cancer Institute.

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The new technology is "adaptive" – it allows physicians to adjust and customize the size, shape, and intensity of the radiation beam to target the radiation to the size, shape, and location of the patient's tumor. 

The technology's precision means that a patient's healthy tissue gets minimal radiation exposure.

New images are also created every time the patient is treated. These images help to guide treatment based on patient anatomy for that day, rather than for last week or last month.

TomoTherapy Features

The following features are what make TomoTherapy® the next step in directed radiation treatment.

  • Tomotherapy allows doctors to view the tumor or tumors in 3D. Most other technologies offer physicians only a 2D view. This means that patients can receive more accurate treatment with TomoTherapy.
  • TomoTherapy is a less invasive treatment. Some other technologies require a surgical implantation of metal markers into patients so that the machine can detect the target area. Tomotherapy does not.
  • Shorter treatment times for similar tumors. Treatment time for TomoTherapy is 10 minutes, including patient set up, image registration and correction.
  • Multiple tumors can be treated at one time with TomoTherapy. Other technologies require different treatments for each tumor. TomoTherapy treats the widest range of tumors and cancers.
  • Consistent doses. TomoTherapy delivers radiation in the most consistent doses which translates into fewer treatments and fewer side effects for patients.
  • TomoTherapy can treat tumors of all sizes. Other technologies have certain treatment ranges; outside of these ranges they lose their effectiveness increasing side effects and recovery times.

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