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Second Opinions from the University of Colorado Cancer Center Thoracic Oncology Program

The University of Colorado Cancer Center is a nationally recognized center for second opinions regarding all aspects of lung cancer and other thoracic cancers.

"When we came to Dr. Camidge for a second opinion, he helped us through a difficult explanation of my rare cancer. He was a wonderful light in my darkness."

Lisa P.

A medical oncology doctor who specializes only in lung and thoracic cancers will meet with you to discuss your case and review your test results. The medical oncologist will then meet with a group of other doctors (our multidisciplinary care team), who have additional areas of expertise. They will review your case during their weekly Thoracic Tumor Board meeting to determine the best treatment.

To schedule your second opinion consultation, contact Jaylee Santee or Bethie Jean-Philippe at (720) 848-0300.

If you do not receive a response within one business day, please call Carolyn Lambert, Care Team Specialist, at (720) 848-2221.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Our second opinions are based on our review of all available information, including comprehensively re-reviewing all scans and tests.

Please bring all medical records dating back to your diagnosis to your second opinion appointment. Ideally, these should also include your scans on CDs and the actual tumor specimen on microscope slides. The doctors who have looked after you already should be able to provide these for you.

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