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Your Hereditary Cancer Medical Team

University of Colorado Hospital and the University of Colorado Cancer Center bring a team approach to your care.

At the Hereditary Cancer Clinic, we bring all types of cancer specialists – including surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, social workers, geneticists, counselors and more – to review a patient’s case, follow its progress and develop ways to achieve the best results.

And since we partner with the physicians of the renowned University of Colorado School of Medicine and an elite, Magnet-designated nursing corps, you’ll be treated by a varied and valuable pool of specialists and experts.

At the forefront of new medical knowledge

Medical knowledge, as you might know, doubles every four years. Keeping up with it all is often hard for a community physician. But because each attending physician here is on the faculty of the School of Medicine, each not only knows the very latest proven treatments and research in his or her specialty, but also teaches it.

For you, that means each doctor on your care team has precise, ongoing training in his or her area of expertise and a specific interest in hereditary cancer.

The physicians and certified genetic counselors (CGCs) below are lead members of the Hereditary Cancer Clinic, and are at your service.

Catherine Klein, MD

Dr. Klein is director of the Hereditary Cancer Clinic and a professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Recently she was appointed the director of the Medical Oncology division. Her interests include high-risk breast cancer genetics and hereditary cancer syndromes. She is board certified in internal medicine with an oncology sub-specialty.

Dennis Ahnen, MD

Dennis Ahnen, MD

A professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Dr. Ahnen’s interests include genetic predisposition to and prevention of colorectal cancer. He is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, and has been practicing medicine for 25 years.

Lisa Ku, MS CGC

Lisa Ku, CGC

Since Ms. Ku received her MS degree from the University of Colorado Denver in 1998, she has been involved in several clinical and research activities related to specific genetic conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Lisen Axell, MS CGC

Lisen Axell, CGC

Lisen is a graduate of the Masters in Genetic Counseling program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She has been a genetic counselor with the Hereditary Cancer Clinic at University of Colorado Hospital since 1999. She has been involved in outreach initiatives to raise awareness of risk factors for inherited cancer.

Michelle Springer, MS CGC

Michelle SpringerSince graduating from the genetic counseling program at Indiana University in 1999, Michelle has worked as a genetic counselor in Columbus, Ohio and Denver in a number of different settings, including prenatal, cancer, pediatric and laboratory. She has been employed by the University of Colorado since 2007 and joined the Hereditary Cancer Clinic in January 2011.

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