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Your Breast Cancer Medical Team at The University of Colorado Cancer Center

The Diane O'Connor Thompson Breast Center has a multidisciplinary approach to care.

That means we can, and do, bring all types of cancer specialists – including surgeons, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, geneticists, counselors and more – to review a patient's case, follow its progress and develop ways to achieve the best outcomes.

We're a leading cancer center

As a leading national cancer center (and the only NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center in our vast region), we attract many of the country’s best specialists.

Medical knowledge, as you might know, doubles every four years. Keeping up with it all is often hard for a community physician. But because each attending physician here is on the faculty of the renowned University of Colorado School of Medicine, each not only knows the latest proven treatments and research, but teaches it.

What it means for you

It means that each doctor on your care team has superior training in his or her area of expertise. These doctors then combine their specialties to create a patient-focused approach for each individual patient.

Cancer Specialists

Hereditary Cancer Specialist – a medical oncologist who specializes in genetic testing for patients with a strong family history of breast cancer.

Medical Oncologist – A doctor who specializes in the medical treatment of cancer.

Radiation Oncologist – A doctor who specializes in using radiation for the treatment of cancer.

Surgical Oncologist – A doctor who performs surgical procedures to diagnose and treat cancer.

Pathologist – A doctor who examines cells and tissues under a microscope to look for cancer.

Plastic Surgeon – a doctor who specializes in rebuilding the shape of the breast after a mastectomy.

Radiologist – A doctor who specializes in examining X-rays, ultrasounds and other types of body scans, to locate areas of cancer.

Nurse Practitioner – A licensed clinical provider who can diagnose breast cancer, and evaluate and treat women with breast problems that are not cancerous. In addition, NPs provide follow up care during and after treatment, and see patients with urgent clinical problems when the doctor may not be available.

Registered Nurse (RN) – A fully qualified nurse who can assist you with medical questions and provides education when necessary. Breast cancer care nurses are specially trained to care for breast cancer patients during every stage of the treatment process, from initial testing and mammography to reconstructive surgery.

Other professional staff

Behavioral Health Professional – A counselor, therapist or social worker who provides emotional support to patients and family members throughout the treatment process.

Genetic Counselor – A medical professional who specializes in evaluating family history of breast cancer.

Mammography Technologist – A health professional specially trained to perform mammograms.

Physical Therapist – A health professional who guides patients through exercise and physical activities to help them condition muscles and restore strength and movement after surgery.

Medical Assistants – Staff members who assist the nursing personnel in delivering your care.

Care Team Assistant – Schedules all appointments and patient check-in services.

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