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For Our Physicians

U.S. News/Castle Connolly Top Doctors at University of Colorado Hospital

U.S. News & World Report has released its list of Top Doctors for 2012. Featured in the issue are 146 physicians from UCH.

The U.S. News list is a free, searchable directory of 30,000 peer-nominated physicians from across the country. U.S. News Top Doctors was created in collaboration with Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., publisher of America’s Top Doctors and other consumer health guides. It draws from Castle Connolly’s database of Top Doctors, all of whom Among the physician criteria evaluated for inclusion in the guide:

  • Education
  • Professional qualifications
  • Board certification
  • Residency
  • Fellowships
  • Hospital appointments
  • Professional reputation

Castle Connolly's rigorous selection process

To get a list of nominees for its "top doctors" list, Castle Connolly sends nomination instructions to a pool of randomly selected doctors, who then nominate peers they consider to be clinically outstanding. Added to the nominee list are physicians recommended by hospital administrators.

A CCML physician-led research staff reviews lists of nominated doctors in different regions of the U.S., and then validates and verifies credentials.

Each physician appearing on the preliminary lists is asked to complete and submit to CCML a comprehensive biography, which is also reviewed as a criterium. Finally, researchers cross-reference preliminary lists against multiple databases that include board certification, licensing, and disciplinary history.

U.S. News/Castle Connolly Top UCH Doctors for 2012

We congratulate the following 146 physicians, all credentialed to practice at University of Colorado Hospital, who are featured in America’s Top Doctors for 2012:

A through F


UCH Physician


Eva Aagard Women's Health
Mona Abaza Otolaryngology
Steven Abman Pediatric Pulmonology
Ryan Aleong Cardiac Electrophysiology
Larry Allen Cardiology
Stephen M. Allen Psychiatry
David Badesch Pulmonary Medicine
J. Bronwyn Bateman Ophthalmology
Kian Behbakht Gynecologic Oncology
Jeffrey Bennett Neurology
Virginia Borges Medical Oncology
Kevin K. Brown Pulmonary Medicine
Paul A. Bunn Jr. Medical Oncology
Peter Buttrick Cardiology
David N. Campbell Thoracic Surgery
Thomas Campbell Infectious Disease
John D. Carroll Interventional Cardiology
J. Eric Christman Gynecologic Oncology
Joseph Cleveland Thoracic Surgery
David Collier Rheumatology
Kathryn Collins Pediatric Cardiology
Elizabeth Connick Infectious Disease
John Corboy Neurology
David E. Crawford Urology
Charles Daley Pulmonary Medicine
Richard Davidson Ophthalmology
Susan A. Davidson Gynecologic Oncology
Karlotta Davis Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kevin Deane Rheumatology
Frederic Deleyiannis Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Bette K. DeMasters Pathology
Edward C. Dempsey Critical Care Medicine
Gerald D. Dodd III Diagnostic Radiology
Stephen Dreskin Allergy & Immunology
Vikram Durairaj Ophthalmology
Janette D. Durham Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Mark Earnest Internal Medicine
Robert H. Eckel Endocrinology & Metabolism
S. Gail Eckhardt Medical Oncology
Anthony Elias Medical Oncology
James Falko Endocrinology
Lawrence Feinberg Internal Medicine
Christopher M. Filley Neurology
Christina Finlayson Surgery
Andrew Fontenot Pulmonary Medicine
Cecilia Franco-Webb Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Robert Freedman Psychiatry
Stephen R. Freeman Gastroenterology
David A. Fullerton Thoracic Surgery


G through M


UCH Physician


Henry Galan Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ronald S. Gibbs Maternal & Fetal Medicine
L. Michael Glode Medical Oncology
Darren Gregory Ophthalmology
Frederick Grover Thoracic Surgery
Bertron M. Groves Interventional Cardiology
Bryan Haugen Endocrinology & Metabolism
Lawrence Hergott Cardiology
Lawrence Horwitz Cardiology
Evelyn Hutt Geriatric Medicine
Herman A. Jenkins Otolaryngology
Stephen C. Johnson Infectious Disease
Madeleine Kane Medical Oncology
James Kelly Neurology
Fernando Kim Urology
Todd Kingdom Otolaryngology
Monica Kraft Pulmonary Medicine
David A. Kumpe Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Jean Kutner Palliative Care
J. Lindsay Lane Pediatrics
Christopher K. Law Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Joel Levine Gastroenterology
Kevin Lillehei Neurological Surgery
Stuart L. Linas Nephrology
Stuart Lind Hematology
Gordon Lindberg Surgery
JoAnn Lindenfeld Cardiology
James A. Lugg Urology
Nancy Madinger Infectious Disease
Marilyn J. Manco-Johnson Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Naresh Mandava Ophthalmology
Paul Maroni Urology
Richard J. Martin Pulmonary Medicine
Frederick Masoudi Cardiology
Jeffrey V. Matous Medical Oncology
Martin D. McCarter Surgery
Michael McDermott Endocrinology & Metabolism
Robert McIntyre Surgery
Randall B. Meacham Urology
J. Ramsey Mellette Dermatology
John Messenger Interventional Cardiology
Wells Messersmith Medical Oncology
Paul Miller Nephrology
John Mitchell Thoracic Surgery
Max Mitchell Thoracic Surgery
Joseph Morelli Dermatology

N through Z


UCH Physician


David Norris Dermatology
Linda A. Oberst-Walsh Family Medicine
Ann Olincy Psychiatry
Jeffrey Olson Ophthalmology
David Raben Radiation Oncology
Rachel Rabinovitch Radiation Oncology
Paul M. Redstone Internal Medicine
Barbara Reed Dermatology
Marian J. Rewers Pediatric Endocrinology
E. Chester Ridgway Endocrinology and Metabolism
Steven P. Ringel Neurology
Jonathan Ritvo Addiction Psychiatry
Thomas Robinson Surgery
Cecile Rose Pulmonary Medicine
Hugo Rosen Gastroenterology
Deborah Saint-Phard Sports Medicine
Ernesto Salcedo Cardiology
Nanette Santoro Reproductive Endocrinology
William Sauer Cardiac Electrophysiology
Tracey Schefter Radiation Oncology
Richard Schulick Surgery
David Schwartz Pulmonary Medicine
Robert Schwartz Geriatric Medicine
Marvin I. Schwarz Pulmonary Medicine
Paul Seligman Medical Oncology
Simon Shakar Cardiology
Robert Slover II Pediatric Endocrinology
John Song Otolaryngology
David Spiegel Nephrology
Mark Spitz Neurology
David Tanaka Internal Medicine
Michael J. Taravella Ophthalmology
Matthew Taylor Clinical Genetics
Ann Thor Pathology
Kenneth Tyler Neurology
Wendy Tzou Cardiac Electrophysiology
Paul Varosy Cardiac Electrophysiology
Armando Vidal Orthopedic Surgery
Timothy Vollmer Neurology
Jeffrey Wallace Geriatric Medicine
Howard Weinberger Cardiology
Kenneth Weiner Psychiatry
Sterling G. West Rheumatology
Jerome D. Wiedel Orthopaedic Surgery
Ken R. Winston Neurological Surgery
Eugene Wolfel Cardiology
Robin Yasui Geriatric Medicine
Patricia Yoon Pediatric Otolaryngology
Martin Zamora Pulmonary Medicine