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Beating Cancer - Northern Colorado's Lung Nodule Clinic

Beating Cancer - Northern Colorado's Lung Nodule Clinic

Fortunately, Dona Ammons' doctor visit about rib pain identified something more.
Published: August 11, 2014

When Loveland resident Dona Ammons developed a pain near her ribs, she assumed she had a bruised or broken rib. "On April 1, I went to see an orthopedic doctor, who took an X-ray," said Ammons. "He confirmed I didn't have anything wrong with my ribs, but he said, 'I see something in the X-ray that bothers me.'"

After a chest X-ray and CT scan, Ammons visited with University of Colorado Health pulmonologist, Dr. Richard Milchak. He showed Ammons the mass on her lung. He ordered a biopsy and three days later, took Ammons' case to UCHealth's newly created Lung Nodule Clinic in northern Colorado.

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