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Request to Photograph or Film at University of Colorado Hospital

Any requests to photograph or film activities, surgeries, patients or buildings at any University of Colorado Hospital facility must be approved.

Please note that permission is not automatically granted for educational filming, even for University of Denver.

To obtain permission, send an e-mail to Dan Weaver, Media Relations Coordinator.

Requests for filming must be made in writing via e-mail and include:

  • Purpose of the film
  • Intended audience
  • Preferred date(s) of filming
  • Subject matter
  • Who will be filmed
  • Name of supervisor(s) who are willing to have the filming take place in the department(s)
  • Name of the University of Colorado Hospital employee who will be with the camera(s) at all times
  • An e-mail and phone number for the person making the request

Please allow several days for a response to your request. Approval will be granted in writing via e-mail.