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University of Colorado Hospital

Department of Professional Resources
Interprofessional Research Resources


Interprofessional Research Resources

  • Professional Resources Team Members
  • Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council
  • Health Sciences Center Library
  • Center for Nursing Research
  • Educational Offerings
  • Journal Clubs
  • The Colorado Model
  • Research & EBP Newsletters
  • Practice Outcomes Research Manual
  • Nursing Research Secrets


Professional Resources Department Team Members

The Professional Resources Department, within the Patient Services Division, supports nurses and other health care professionals in research and evidence-based activities.

There is now a nationwide focus on inter-professional team projects that involve evidence-based practices and benchmarking. Professional Resources not only mentors staff to improve research and evidence-based practice, but also participates in multi-site projects with other institutions and professional organizations. Clinical staff are encouraged to become familiar with national initiatives published by specialty groups and institutes. 

Who are the interprofessional research resources in Professional Resources?

  • Director of Professional Resources. The director provides oversight for research activity conducted in conjunction with the Patient Services Division and the Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council. The director serves on committees external to the department, acting as liaison to the larger health sciences research enterprise of the University of Colorado Denver.
    JoAnn DelMonte, RN-BC, MSN
  • Research Nurse Scientists. The research nurse scientists are doctorally prepared clinical nurse experts who help staff to define and develop projects and negotiate institutional requirements for conducting research. The research nurse scientists coordinate support services needed for individual project completion. 
    Regina Fink, RN, PhD, AOCN, FAAN
    Mary Beth Flynn Makic, RN, PhD, CNS, CCNS, FAAN
    Kathy Oman, RN, PhD, FAEN, FAAN
    Melanie Sandoval, PhD, RN
  • Professional Research Assistant.Professional Research Assistant provides specific data collection and management services on request. To access the services of the assistant, you must contact the research nurse scientists or director with an outline of your needs. Mary Mancuso, MA
  • Advanced Statistical Support Personnel. The Department of Patient Services consults with experienced statisticians at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center who are available to support data analysis. These experts can be accessed through consultation with the research nurse scientists or director.


Research Nurse Scientists

Regina Fink, RN, PhD, AOCN,

Mary Beth Flynn MakicMary Beth Flynn Makic, RN,

Kathy Oman, RN, PhD, FAEN,

Melanie SandovalMelanie Sandoval, PhD,



Research and Evidence-Based Practice Council and Evidence-Based Champions

Research and EBP Council


The Research and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Council facilitates and mentors research under the direction of the research nurse scientists. Professional Resources maintains a database of all research conducted by nurses and allied health staff at University of Colorado Hospital which is regularly reviewed by the committee. The signature of the director or a research nurse scientist must be on all nursing research submitted to the COMIRB. Members are committed to assisting clinical colleagues to develop and complete projects successfully. 

EBP Champions

EBP Champions are unit-based health care professionals who act as liaisons between nursing units and the EBP Council to facilitate journal clubs and foster EBP and research philosophy on the units.

To become a Research and EBP Council member or EBP Champion, contact Kathy Oman at

Champions Team Process

Champions Team Process


Reviewing best-evidence is a key element in all UCH functions. The purpose of providing the following documents is to provide resources through which to determine a “Champion Team.” These resources will guide team members that are seeking champion designation to clearly define the team purpose based on one evidence-based concept that impacts patient care across the organization. An additional goal of this process is to clearly define when the term ‘champion team’ is used in naming a new initiative/team.


Educational Offerings

Educational Offerings


  • Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Multidisciplinary Research Symposium
  • Clinical Research: Getting Started
  • Creating a Survey
  • Evidence-Based Practice Beyond the Basics
  • Evidence-Based Practice Boot Camp: Mission Possible
  • How to Create a Poster
  • How to Display Data
  • How to Write an Abstract
  • Writing for Publication

Consult the Professional Resources Continuing Education site to obtain further information events and classes. 


 Empirical Outcomes

Journal Club Resources

Journal Clubs


Reviewing journal articles is an integral part of the research process. The purpose of a journal club is to promote awareness of current research and to provide a means for maintaining and updating knowledge of current practice and patient care issues. Before research is used to change clinical practice, it must be evaluated for credibility‚ integrity, and potential for replication. Learning how to critique current research in an unbiased manner is important for developing an analytical thought process and supporting strong, appropriate research use. Journal clubs provide an excellent mechanism for collaborative review and discussion of research articles. 


Journal Club Guidelines


Critique Forms - Facilitator 


Critique Forms - Participant 


ANCC Live and Virtual Journal Club Forms

  1. Prior to submitting for approval, you MUST have the ANCC Designated Lead Nurse Planner review application for completeness; incomplete applications will be RETURNED.
  2. Submit all completed forms below and PDF of your Journal Article to: **20 days prior to Journal Club date** 
  3. Indicate Journal Club title and date in SUBJECT line of the e-mail. 

Non-Research Article Resources

Non-Research Article Guidelines

Non-Research Article Forms

List of Lead Nurse Planners

ANCC Live and Virtual Clinical Article Review Forms (Non-Research Article)



Levels of Evidence

Poster Templates

Instructions for Poster Design

CCNE and Magnet Logo Format

Magnet Logo Only Format

Additional Resources

Colorado Model

TRIP Sheets

TRIP stands for “Translating Research Into Practice”.  The purpose of a TRIP sheet is to provide a succinct review of current research about a clinical practice topic and information about how to use the research in practice.  Because a TRIP sheet is about translating research into practice, the levels of evidence used to support the practice change need to be research based (Level of Evidence I-IV).  To develop a TRIP sheet for communicating practice change based on current research, follow the algorithm and checklist.  A Research Nurse Scientist will mentor you along with your clinical nurse educator/division education coordinator to develop a TRIP sheet.



  • TRIP Template (Choose SAVE when the dialogue box appears in order to be able to edit this template)




Research Nurse Scientist Request for Assistance


Health Sciences Library on the Anschutz Medical Campus

Health Sciences Library offers a full complement of classes on use of the Internet, online searches for literature, as well as a fully stocked media center. 


Center for Nursing Research

The Center for Nursing Research, located in the University of Colorado School of Nursing, has formal research facilities, space and support. Staff members of the Center are available for consultation through the research nurse scientist or director.



Research and EBP Newsletter

Research and Evidence-Based Practice Manual, 2nd edition

Fink R, Oman K, Flynn Makic MB, eds. University of Colorado Hospital; 2009.

This text provides practical step-by-step information about evidence-based practice, searching and critiquing the literature, participating in journal clubs, and the research process, from getting started to analyzing data, disseminating findings, and submitting a manuscript. Developed by members of University of Colorado Hospital's Research and EBP Council, this manual offers valuable guidance on translating research into practice. Also included are helpful critique forms and research worksheets.


Click here to order


Nursing Research Secrets

Nursing Research Secrets

Oman K, Krugman M, Fink R, eds. Nursing Research Secrets. Hanley & Belfus; 2003.

This text provides essential, practical information about clinical research from a very hands-on perspective in the proven format of the highly popular question-and-answer format of the Nursing Secrets Series®. Major sections include the basics of research, getting started, planning the study, conducting the study, evaluating the results, and communicating the findings.