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Laboratory Answers to Nurses' Questions (December 2012 Survey)


Test Delays


2014-01-31 Delay in Plasma Hemoglobin Testing 

Test Updates


2014-04-10 Immunoassay Reference Range Changes

2014-03-27 Automation Line Downtime

2014-03-27 Epstein Barr Virus IgM Recall Update

2014-03-19 Repeat C. difficile PCR Testing

2014-02-19 Group B Strep Screening

2014-01-22 Influenza Testing

2014-01-15 New Test: Bacterial Vaginosis Gram Stain

2014-01-07 Thrombin Time Reference Range Change

2013-12-17 RVVT and Ratio Reference Range Changes

2013-12-17 Urine Toxicology Screen Discontinued

2013-11-13 Rapid Influenza Testing

2013-10-23 Coagulation Reference Ranges Update

2013-10-08 Flow Cytometry TXIP Name Change

2013-09-27 Body Fluid Chemistry Testing

2013-09-23 Carbamazepine Reference Range Change

2013-07-09 Citrate Platelet Count

2013-06-24 White Blood Cell Differentials

2013-06-04 HIV1 HIV2 Antibody-Antigen Screen and Confirmation

2013-05-01 Eswab for Trichomonas Cultures

2013-05-01 Seasonal Rapid Influenza Testing Discontinued

2013-04-24 Bleeding Times Discontinued

2013-03-06 Clinitest Reducing Substances, Infants

2013-03-01 Pentobarbital Method Change

2013-02-22 Heparin Induced Antibody Screening Test (HIT ELISA)

2013-02-07 Glucose Tolerance Test 1 Hour 50 G Interpretative Data

2013-02-01 New Test: Reticulated Hemoglobin Equivalent

2013-01-30 PCR Result Reporting Changes

2013-01-18 Platelet Count Requirement for Platelet Aggregation Studies

2013-01-16 Respiratory Virus Testing - New Platform

2013-01-16 Change to Sample Requirement: C3, C4, IgA, IgG, IgM, Haptoglobin

2013-01-16 Tricyclic Antidepressant Screening Discontinued

2013-01-14 Influenza Testing

2013-01-10 Flu Testing Algorithm

2012-12-28 A1C Glycohemoglobin, Duplicate Orders

2012-12-13 Whole Blood Prothrombin Time Reference Range Change - Operating Rooms Only

2012-12-07 Coagulation Reference Range Changes

2012-12-05 New Test - Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell

2012-11-26 Protein S Ag Free and Total Discontinued

2012-11-15 Phosphorus Body Fluid Testing Discontinued

2012-11-14 Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy Procedural Change

2012-11-01 Rapid Influenza A & B Testing Available


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