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All patients at University of Colorado Hospital who are prospective recipients of blood will receive a blood recipient identification bracelet. The I.D. band is used for positive identification of the blood recipient, blood sample, transfusion request form and cross-matched units of blood.


  1. Obtain a blood recipient identification bracelet, an extra wide replacement blood band, and a Transfusion Service requisition form.
  2. Label Transfusion Service requisition with patient’s barcode label (includes name, medical record number, and date of birth). Write ordering physician, date, time, and initials of phlebotomist on the form.
  3. Place the patient’s barcode label on the cardboard insert that goes in the extra wide replacement blood bank.  On this label attach one red arm band number (from blood recipient identification bracelet).  Write the date, time, and initials of the phlebotomist on label. Insert cardboard into the wide armband.
  4. Verify the patient’s name at the bedside by comparing the information on the requisition form and the blood band with the information on the hospital identification bracelet and asking the patient to state his/her name if he/she is able to respond.
  5. Collect the blood sample in a pink top tube. Tilt tube gently back and forth several times to mix.
  6. Label the blood specimen with the patient’s barcode label. Handwrite the date, time drawn, and initials of phlebotomist on the tube. Overlay the label on to the existing label so as not to obscure the level of blood in the tube.
  7. Utilizing READ-BACK VERIFICATION, the phlebotomist and another hospital personnel verifies that patient’s identifiers on his/her hospital identification bracelet match those on the blood specimen.  The second hospital personnel then initials the pink specimen tube and pink requisition form.

  8. Place one red arm band number on the blood specimen tube and one on the requisition form.
  9. Send the remaining bracelet arm band numbers to Transfusion Service, along with the blood sample and requisition form.
  10. Wrap the wide red patient armband around the patient’s wrist or ankle in close proximity to the hospital identification bracelet. If this is not possible, the armband may be placed around the Foley catheter. Exception: Neonate patients may have bracelet placed on the isolette in close proximity to the hospital identification bracelet.
  11. Handwrite the patient name (first, last) and medical record number on Transfusion Service requisition form and on the identification bracelet. Information must be legible, complete, and accurate.
  12. Peel off handwritten label from the blood recipient identification bracelet and place on blood specimen tube.
  13. Place blood recipient identification bracelet around patient’s wrist or ankle.


Circular of Information for the Use of Human Blood and Blood Components