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Luisa Mestroni

Luisa Mestroni, MD

  • Professor

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  • Internal Medicine - Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Disease


  • Genetic Conditions and Testing
  • Heart and Circulation
  • Heart and Circulation - Cardiomyopathy
  • Heart and Circulation - Heart Diseases
  • Heart and Circulation - Heart Failure


Medical School

University of Trieste, School of Medicine, Italy


University of Trieste, School of Medicine, Italy


Clinical Interest for Patients

My many clinical interests include general Clinical Cardiology, Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant, Genetics of Cardiovascular Disorders, Cardiomyopathies (dilated, hypertrophic, arrhythmogenic, left ventricular non-compaction, rare cardiomyopathies)

Research Interest for Patients

My research is dedicated to the study of genetics of heart muscle diseases, called cardiomyopathies. Since 1991, we have collected clinical information and DNA of over 1700 subjects from families with cardiomyopathies, initially in Italy and subsequently in the USA. Data and materials are collected in the International Familial Registry which has been supported by various grants of the NIH, AHA, UN, MDA. Through our researches on the molecular genetics of cardiomyopathies and analysis on genotype-phenotype correlations, several genes and pathways causing heart disease have been investigated in my laboratory, from cytoskeletal and sarcomeric genes, to ion channels. We are interested in the genes causing dilated cardiomyopathy, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, left ventricular noncompaction and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Our ongoing research has shown that specific genes may have a different prognosis and may suggest different management strategies. Functional studies of mutant cardiomyopathy genes are also performed to evaluate the consequences of the defective proteins on cellular models. We are currently exploring applications of nanotechnology and bioengineering to the study of heart function and cardiomyopathies.

Personal Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy skiing, hiking, reading and spending time with my family.

Care Philosophy

I strive to provide the best care for my patients. I believe in treating the person as a whole, taking every aspect of a patient’s body and health into consideration during diagnosis and treatment.

Volunteer Activities

I volunteer as physician in sports activities of high school students.

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