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Women's Health: Annual Exams at University of Colorado Hospital

Why Choose University of Colorado Hospital for your Annual Exams?

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University of Colorado Hospital provides women annual exam appointments that allow enough time for a complete exam and for women to discuss all of their questions and concerns.

Because a gynecological exam can be a personal thing for many women, it is important you feel comfortable with the medical provider of your choice. Women can choose an appointment with the doctor, nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife who they are most comfortable. At University of Colorado Hospital, our women's health experts give sensitive and confidential care to every patient.

About Annual Exams

An annual gynecological exam is a health screening women should receive once a year that checks for gynecological (women's reproductive organs) related problems such as

An annual gynecological exam is very important for women to maintain their health. This exam helps detect problems early, as many gynecological problems do not cause immediate symptoms. It is important that women over the age of 18, or who are sexually active, receive an annual exam so that problems can be found and treated early.

An annual exam is also an opportunity for women to ask questions regarding

An annual exam can be performed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife.