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Lung Transplants

Why Choose University of Colorado Hospital for Your Lung Transplant?

The University of Colorado Hospital Lung Transplant Program began in 1991 under the direction of Dr. Frederick L. Grover and Dr. Martin Zamora and is an integral part of the leading multi-organ transplant center in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our program uses a multidisciplinary approach. This means our patients can see their team of experts in one visit, at one location.

A reputation for excellence

University of Colorado Hospital is ranked among the top research hospitals in the nation. Our transplant patients have access to the latest scientific and technological advancements that lead to better outcomes.

  • Our team has performed more than 530 lung transplants since 1991.
  • At 89%, our one-year survival rate is above the national average.
  • The average hospital stay (from date of transplant to discharge) for a lung transplant is 12 days.
  • We're currently studying the effects of new drugs that reduce rejection rates.
  • We're researching how to make better use of donor lungs.
  • University of Colorado Hospital has an entire floor dedicated to transplant patients. All patients receive medical care by a team of experts who are specifically trained to address transplant patients’ special needs.

What is a Lung transplant?

A lung transplant may be the only option for someone with lung disease who has not responded to conventional treatment and whose survival is predicted at less than two years.

There are two types of lung transplants:

  • A Single Lung Transplant replaces one diseased lung with a donor lung.
  • A Bilateral Lung Transplant replaces both diseased lungs with two donor lungs. This transplant uses the lung(s) of a brain-dead person determined to be a good match for the transplant recipient.

Patient Education: Lung Transplants

The transition from chronic illness to having a healthy transplanted lung(s) calls for many psychological and social lifestyle changes.

It is important for you to understand both the Lung Transplant Process and how to stay healthy after the transplant so that you can return to a normal life.

Getting a Second Opinion

A lung transplant is a major surgery. It is important to feel comfortable with both your doctors and the staff, as you will spend much time with them. University of Colorado Hospital is happy to offer a second opinion and to work with you if you choose to come to our hospital for your surgery.

All first appointments must be initiated by a referring doctor.

Lung and Heart Transplant Support Group

Anschutz Medical Campus
Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion
1635 Aurora Court
Room 2006/2005 on the 2nd Floor
Aurora, CO 80045

  • Meets quarterly (March, June, September, December) from 3 p.m. to approximately 5 p.m.
  • Meetings feature introductions, social time and an educational guest speaker.
  • Lung transplant and heart transplant candidates, recipients, support family or friends, and medical staff are invited to attend.
  • Beverages are provided.

The Lung and Heart Transplant Support Group reaches throughout the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. If you live outside the Denver area and cannot attend the group meeting, we also extend our connection through the Internet, e-mail and phone.

For more information, contact Katie Mortimer, support group coordinator and Lung and Heart Transplant social worker, at (720) 848-2257 or send her an email.

Additional Lung Transplant Resources

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