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Admission Criteria for Inpatient Rehabilitation

Similar to other acute inpatient rehabilitation facilities, potential patients must meet certain criteria in order to be admitted to University of Colorado Hospital's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit:

  • A person must have medical and nursing needs that require ongoing inpatient hospitalization. The need for increased therapy alone is not sufficient to justify admission to an inpatient rehabilitation unit.
  • A person's medical condition must be stabilized. Typically, this means that diagnostic testing and therapeutic interventions are complete, although continuation of certain treatment such as intravenous antibiotics is acceptable.
  • A person's functional ability and endurance must be sufficient to allow at least three hours of participation per day in a structured therapy setting. In addition, functional gains must be made on a routine basis (typically every few days), recognized by an increased level of independence.

If patients are unable to meet these criteria before and during admission, we will help them and their families investigate other treatment options.

Determining a rehabilitation strategy

The timing of admission to an inpatient rehabilitation unit is critical. Each person's medical condition and functional needs are unique — and so is the consideration for inpatient rehabilitation.

Your team of specialists at UCH is well-versed in addressing all of the various factors that are involved in determining what level of inpatient rehabilitation is most suitable for you during the course of your treatment.

This determination includes investigation of insurance benefits and long-term planning for you and your family. Our goal is to address a range of issues to help you function at the highest level of independence upon your discharge, and to help you and your family develop and follow an ongoing treatment plan.