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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University of Colorado Hospital

Why Choose the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at University of Colorado Hospital?

The University of Colorado Hospital NICU is a level 3B designated nursery, one of the highest designations available in the state. This means that our NICU is staffed by expert, experienced doctors who are certified in pediatric medicine and surgery. It means that our nursing and support staff is highly skilled. And it means that our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is equipped with advanced support and monitoring equipment, including sophisticated diagnostic and imaging devices critical to delivering timely and accurate care.

Expert staffing around the clock

The NICU at University of Colorado Hospital is fully staffed at the highest standards 24 hours of every day. The medical staff includes neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners (NNP), respiratory therapists and registered nurses (RN’s) at ALL times. Nurses provide care for one to three babies at a time, depending on the condition of the baby. Our entire team is well-trained to care for high-risk newborns who have the most complex and challenging conditions.

We value family-centered care

Families with a baby in the NICU can be assured their baby is getting the best medical and nursing care available. Families participate in care conferences that involve all members of the medical/nursing team. Families also have full access to all of our support services, which include:

  • sleeping arrangements near the unit
  • breastfeeding assistance
  • support programs
  • one-on-one education
  • coordination of services by a NICU social worker

About the NICU at University of Colorado Hospital

NICU Services available at University of Colorado Hospital

An NICU is a specialized intensive care nursery for newborn babies. Babies who are in the NICU need 24-hour specialized care and monitoring.

Babies who need NICU care are those who:

  • Are born between 23 and 42 weeks
  • Weigh less than four pounds
  • Need respiratory (breathing) support
  • Need cardio-respiratory (heart-lung) monitoring and frequent physical assessment
  • Need IV medication
  • Have had surgery or need surgery