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Care and Treatment for Bacterial Infections

Why Choose Treatment for Bacterial Infections at University of Colorado Hospital?

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The Infectious Disease Group Practice at University of Colorado Hospital is nationally recognized. Our doctors are board-certified and conduct groundbreaking research.

Our multidisciplinary care team has long experience in diagnosing and managing a wide range of infectious diseases, and we offer patients access to the latest treatments.

What are Bacterial Infections?

Bacterial infections are caused when infectious bacteria enter your body. The bacteria then reproduce, frequently giving off toxins. These toxins can make you sick.

Many kinds of bacteria actually help our bodily processes. Only about 1 percent make people sick.

Some kinds of bacterial infections include:

Your doctor usually treats your bacterial infection with antibiotics.

It is important to always follow the directions when taking antibiotics. The more you take antibiotics, the higher the chance that your body will begin to resist them. This can cause you get an infection that can’t be cured by antibiotics.