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Your Appointment

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Like you, we want your nuclear medicine appointment to go as smoothly as possible. Please read the directions below to minimize any complications that could delay the procedure.

Preparing for your PET/CT Scan

  • Do not exercise 24 hours before your PET/CT
  • Do not eat 4 hours prior to your exam. You may continue to drink water but not other beverages.
  • Do not chew gum, use lozenges, or take cough syrup for the four hours before your scan.
  • You should not be on any IV dextrose solutions for at least the four hours before the scan.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing without any metal. Dress warmly as the exam room may be cool.
  • You may drive yourself to and from your PET/CT scan. However, if you are claustrophobic please have your physician provide you with a medication to bring with you to help you relax for the scan. If you need to take medication to relax, you should bring someone to drive you home.
  • If you are in a lot of pain, please have your physician prescribe something for you to bring with you to your PET/CT.
  • If you have diabetes please tell the scheduler when they call to schedule your exam. You will receive special instructions.

What to expect when you at arrive University of Colorado Hospital for your PET/CT scan

When you arrive, we will test your blood glucose level to ensure that is within the normal range (60 to 100). If you have diabetes, please tell the scheduler when they call to schedule your exam.

Once we know that your blood glucose is at the right level, we will inject the isotope through an IV in your arm. You will also be asked to drink an oral contrast. The oral contrast and the isotope are what the scan will be reading.

After your injection, the solution needs to flow through your body. You will relax in the patient prep are for at least one hour. You may want to bring a personal music system to listen to music while you relax.

You should plan on being with us for a total of about 2 hours. In some instance we may take delayed images which may take a little longer.