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Radiology / Imaging Services


Why Choose University of Colorado Hospital for Imaging Services?

University of Colorado Hospital offers the latest in state-of-the-art imaging to diagnose conditions and provide treatment options to patients.

The effectiveness of imaging relies not only on equipment, but on the professionals performing and interpreting the test. The imaging teams at University of Colorado Hospital are widely recognized for their expertise with imaging technology and processes.

What is an Imaging Test?

Imaging tests use technologies that scan your organs, anatomic structure and bodily functions and present them like a picture.


Skilled technologists and doctors are then able to detect abnormal patterns that indicate an illness. They are also able to monitor the progression of an illness. Some imaging techniques are also used to guide procedures used for the treatment of illness.

How is Imaging Used?

Imaging tests are used to scan different parts of the body to detect various medical conditions. Often the part of the body to be scanned determines what test is used. Please discuss with your doctor which test is best for your condition.

Facts about radiation exposure

We're leaders in radiation safety

Recent media reports have cited potential risks of radiation in diagnostic imaging procedures.

On staff at University of Colorado Hospital are full-time radiation safety specialists, imaging technologists, physicists, and radiologists - all of whom use the most current informatiion and technology to ensure your safety.


Read about radiation safety at UCH

More About Our Expertise

We're Accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR)

Accreditation means that our images, equipment, staff credentials and quality processes have been reviewed and approved by ACR experts.


Your Exam is Performed by Registered Technologists

The technologists performing your exam are highly trained, experienced and registered by the appropriate board for each imaging modality.


Your Exam is Read by Board-Certified Radiologists

The physicians reading your scans meet very high standards for education, training, and experience, including requirements for ongoing education and certification renewal.

Radiology Medical Team

The following highly-trained specialists work together at University of Colorado Hospital to guarantee that you are receiving the best possible care during your imaging test.



A doctor who specializes in performing and interpreting tests that use radiation technology to diagnose and treat diseases.


Radiologic Technologists

These specialists work under the direction of a radiologist to perform diagnostic tests using radiation technology.


Radiologic Technologist Assistants

A radiologic tech assistant helps radiologic technologists perform diagnostic and imaging tests.


Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Highly-skilled professionals who use an ultrasound machine to create images of the body that help physicians make medical diagnoses.



University of Colorado Hospital's highly trained nurses support radiologists and help conduct imaging exams. UCH is a Magnet nursing hospital and we take pride in the high level of care our nurses provide.

Additional Imaging Resources