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Heart Disease in Women at University of Colorado Hospital

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For our efforts in women's cardiac care, University of Colorado Hospital has been designated a top women's heart program by Good Housekeeping magazine. Our Women's Cardiovascular Center is one of only a few programs of its kind.

Men and women share common risks for heart disease, including:

However, recent studies by the American Heart Association have indicated that diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in women present unique challenges:

  • Since 1984, more women have died from heart disease than men
  • Only 13 percent of women believe that heart disease and stroke are the greatest health threat to women
  • Thirty-eight percent of women, compared to 25 percent of men, will die within one year of heart attack
  • More women than men die of stroke
  • Diagnosis of heart disease presents a greater challenge in women than in men because the symptoms are harder to diagnose

For all of these reasons, University of Colorado Hospital has created a program specifically for women who may have cardiovascular disease.

Women's Cardiovascular Center

At our Women’s Cardiovascular Center, we offer a unique program designed to identify the gender differences in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. This incudes heart disease, stroke and vascular disease.  Our goal is to provide the latest research and information directly to patients in the clinical setting. This program includes: 

  • Cardiovascular screening tests, including gender specific screening programs
  • Education on heart health for women
  • Cutting-edge treatment techniques
  • Research trials to improve the outcomes of females with cardiovascular disease

For more information on this special program, call the UCH Cardiac & Vascular Center at (720) 848-5300.

Women's Heart Healthy Cooking Seminar

Thank you to all the women who joined us on January 20th!

If you were unable to attend the seminar, please click below for a copy of Chef Andy's heart healthy recipe and send your name and address to  for early notification of upcoming women's heart events.  


Click here for a heart healthy recipe!