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Is LASIK Right for Me? 

LASIK eye surgery is not appropriate for all patients. About one in four people who seek LASIK are good candidates. It is important that you choose a doctor that will accurately and thoroughly evaluate your eyes and give you an honest assessment about the best and safest treatment for your needs. 

As fellowship-trained corneal experts, our doctors can offer you a range of procedures, both laser and non-laser, that may not be options at all Lasik centers.

Your Evaluation

Screening -  All patients undergo a complete screening test to determine whether they are a candidate for surgery. The eye exam includes assessing the stability of your condition, examining the cornea and retina, taking corneal measurements and testing for glaucoma. 

Medical History Review    - The doctor will also thoroughly review your medical history with you to make sure you there are no other risks.

Twice the Expertise -  Our team approach and double case review (two doctors reviewing your medical information) means you receive tailored treatment ensuring that you get exactly the right care for your eyes.

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