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Care and Treatment for Celiac Sprue Disease

Why Choose Treatment for Celiac Sprue Disease at University of Colorado Hospital?

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University of Colorado Hospital is ranked among the nation’s top programs for treating digestive disorders, including Celiac Sprue Disease.

We offer patients access to the latest diagnostic breakthroughs and treatment options. We provide the largest range of specialty treatments in the Rocky Mountain region and are deeply involved in clinical research and product development, which keeps us at the cutting edge of endoscopic technology.

What is Celiac Sprue Disease?

Some people think that celiac sprue disease has been around since human beings switched from a diet of meat and nuts to a diet that includes grains.

If you have celiac sprue disease, you have an immune reaction in the small intestine when you eat:

  • Breads
  • Pasta
  • Wheat-based foods containing the protein gluten
  • Gliadin from barley, rye and oats

This reaction can damage the surface of your small intestine, which then affects the ability to absorb certain nutrients from food.

The malabsorption can cause vitamin deficiencies. This, in turn, can deprive organs such as the brain of vital nourishment, leading to other illnesses.

Celiac sprue disease is especially serious in children, who need proper nutrition to develop and grow.

Celiac Sprue Treatment

Although no treatment can cure celiac sprue disease, it can be effectively managed by changing your diet.

Nutritional Needs Calculator

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