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Questions and Answers to Review Before Starting Your Request

Why should I consider a Remote Second Opinion from the UCH Cancer Program?

University of Colorado Hospital is one of the nation's best academic hospitals (in fact, the University HealthSystem Consortium recently named us "top-performing academic hospital" in the U.S.)


We're a not-for-profit, multi-specialty academic medical center that integrates top-tier clinical and hospital care with research and education. We're dedicated to providing outstanding patient care, delivering tomorrow’s treatments today.


When your health - and perhaps even your life - is at stake, you want to choose the best possible medical care for your medical condition.


At the root of your care is your physician. Some of the top physician specialists in the nation practice here. Our Remote Second Opinion program enables individuals to reach our top specialists without the inconveniences of travel.

When should I consider a Remote Second Opinion?

There are many situations in which a remote second is valuable. You should think about using this program if you:


  • want reassurance that you've received the correct diagnosis and that you're receiving the most appropriate medical care for your individual condition
  • are diagnosed with a chronic illness and want to confirm the proposed treatment plan
  • are faced with a serious illness that does not require immediate treatment and you want to confirm your proposed treatment plan is the right one for you
  • have been offered more than one treatment alternative and do not know which one to choose
  • have been told you need surgery and want to confirm the treatment recommendation
  • have been advised to undergo a controversial or experimental treatment
  • have multiple medical problems that place you at greater risk of suffering complications as a result of surgery or other medical treatment
  • want more answers to your questions to help you make the most informed decision about your health or that of a loved one
  • want a second opinion from our world-renowned specialist physicians, but do not want to incur the time and expense of travel

Who can request a Remote Second Opinion?

Our Remote Second Opinion program is available to anyone, anywhere who has been diagnosed with a disease or condition covered by the program, and who is interested in receiving an expert medical second opinion. This opinion includes treatment options or alternatives, as well as recommendations regarding your future therapeutic considerations.


If a person over the age of 18 would like another individual to request an online second opinion on his or her behalf, they may do so by providing us with a patient consent form.

Do I need my local doctor's permission to request a Remote Second Opinion?

No. Because you are seeking this consultation and paying out of pocket for it, you do not need your doctor's permission.

What medical conditions are included in the program?

Currently our program offers expert consultations on: 

  • Lung and Thoracic Cancers
  • Colon and other Gastrointestinal Cancers
  • Breast Cancer


Our program is expanding and will soon include other cancer types.

Cost and Payment

How much does a Remote Second Opinion cost?

The costs for a Remote Second Opinion are as follows:


  1. Primary review/written report (without a pathology review*): $785.00
  2. Primary review/written report with pathology*: $2750 - $3250
  3. Follow-up review: $250.00


* Pathology pricing is an estimate and includes the possible cost for additional molecular analyses. Please contact Bethie Jean-Philippe at (720) 848-3386 or send her an email for a detailed breakdown of costs.

How do I pay for a Remote Second Opinion?

Remote second opinions are typically paid via credit card. All you need to do is submit a completed credit card authorization form with your other documentation.

Will my insurance pay for a Remote Second Opinion?

No. At this time insurance companies do not cover Remote Second Opinions.

Will my company pay for a Remote Second Opinion?

It depends on your company and what benefits they provide. Your best bet is to speak with your human resources department or whoever can answer questions about benefits to determine if this is something your company will cover.

Medical Records You Send to Us

How do I obtain my medical records?

Clinical Notes
Your can obtain these from the treating oncologist’s office or at the hospital where you are being treated.


You will need to call and ask for a copy of all medical records from the time of diagnosis to present. If this involves different facilities, each facility will need to be contacted. Paper records will need to include the following information:

  • All physicians' dictations pertaining to diagnosis and treatment (Generally includes History and Physical notes or Progress notes)
  • Pathology Reports (Reports pertaining to the tissue diagnosis and any subsequent testing performed on the tissues specimen)
  • Radiology Reports (reports pertaining to any imaging performed.  This will include CT, MRI and PET Scans

Radiology Scans (on disc):
You can obtain these scans from the facility where you underwent imaging (Note: scans MUST be put on disc in both Dicom and Viewer Format)


Include any scans you have had that pertain to the diagnosis (CT, MRI, PET/CT and any other pertinent imaging).


Pathology Slides/Tumor Block
You can obtain these by contacting the pathology department at the hospital where you had a tissue diagnosis.

What if I can't obtain all of the requested materials?

We can still review what we receive, but if we request additional materials for re-review, this consultation may be charged.

Who will see the medical information that I send?

We restrict access to your information to the program coordinator and the physicians who review your materials.

Who chooses the physician who provides the Remote Second Opinion?

We'll assign your case to the oncologist specialized to diagnose and treat your specific cancer type.

Can I send my medical records in a language other than English?

No, we review records in English only. If your records need to be translated to English, you must arrange for this yourself.

Where do I send my materials?

Please collect all necessary forms and records and send them in a single packet to this address:


Remote Second Opinions
Attention: Bethie Jean-Philippe
Anschutz Cancer Pavilion
Mail Stop F704
1665 Aurora Court
Aurora, CO  80045

Our Remote Second Opinion Report to You

How long will it take to receive my Remote Second Opinion?

We will send you a writtten report within 5 to 7 days of receiving your case materials.

What will the second opinion report include?

What if I have additional questions after I receive my report?

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our Intake Coordinator, who will then notify the physician.


If we get your questions within three weeks of our initial review, your second opinion physician will answer them as part of his or her opinion. Questions or concerns you submit after three weeks, though, will be considered an additional consultation, and charges may apply.

If my condition changes later, can I get another opinion?

Yes, we would be happy to arrange a repeat consultation at a lower rate.


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