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Stomach Cancer Treatment at the University of Colorado Cancer Center

Nobody ever wants a cancer diagnosis. But if you or your family have faced a stomach cancer prognosis, you know how important it is to find experts who know the very latest research and proven new treatments for this disease.

It’s all the more important for that team of specialists to tailor a treatment plan customized to you, your unique situation, and the qualities that make you different.

Last but not least, you’ll want the same expert team of doctors, nurses and specialists to stay with you throughout your entire journey. Learn how our Nurse Navigator can guide you through your treatment process.

Our patient-centric approach

This is the approach the University of Colorado Cancer Center brings to each patient. It's among the reasons why our 5-year survival rate for many kinds of cancer is up to 30% higher than state, regional and national averages.

To begin your journey with your own team of stomach cancer experts, call us at (720) 848-0300.

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Stomach Cancer at a Glance

  • About 21,000 cases of stomach cancer will be diagnosed each year in America.
  • This is a disease that mostly affects older people. The average age at the time of diagnosis is 71. Almost two thirds of the people with stomach cancer are older than 65.
  • Stomach cancer is much more common worldwide than in the United States, particularly in less developed countries.
  • Stomach cancer was the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States until the late 1930s. Now, stomach cancer is well down on this list. The reasons for this decline are not completely known, but may be linked to increased use of refrigeration and antibiotics, which may kill the h. pylori bacteria that, in turn, may cause some gastric cancers.

Source: American Cancer Society

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