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Colorectal Cancer Treatment at the University of Colorado Cancer Center

A diagnosis of cancer of the colon or rectum can be a scary experience. At the University of Colorado Cancer Center, you’ll find a knowledgeable team of trusted experts to stick with you every step of the way.

The regions's only NCI-designated center

As the Rocky Mountain region’s only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, we specialize in treating colorectal cancer. Armed with the latest in research and technology, you’ll travel new ground in the fight against cancer. We tailor treatment, care and support to each individual patient. Learn how our Nurse Navigator can guide you through your treatment process.

Our devotion to finding cures for cancer is unwavering. That’s why our 5-year survival rates are up to 30% higher than state, regional and national averages.

To begin your journey with a committed and caring team of colorectal cancer experts, call us at (720) 848-0300.

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About Colorectal Cancer

  • Roughly 140,000 people will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer each year.
  • The disease affects men and women at nearly equal rates (50.5% of cases are men).
  • Colorectal cancers may start as a polyp—a growth on the lining of the colon—and develop slowly into cancer over time.
  • Regular colorectal screening tests can allow doctors to find these polyps and remove them before they become cancer.

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