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Care and Treatment for Sprains, Strains and Fractures

Why Choose Treatment for Sprains, Strains and Fractures at University of Colorado Hospital?

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The doctors at University of Colorado Hospital treat all injuries of the bones, joints and muscles. Doctors at UCH treat patients with and without surgery, and use the latest techniques.

Our doctors are specially trained in sports medicine and participate in teaching and education.

UCH also offers sports medicine services specifically for active women; it is one of the few hospitals in the country to do so.

About Sprains, Strains and Fractures

A sprain is a stretching or tearing of a ligament, the tissue that connects bones to other bones. Sprains usually occur when a person falls on an ankle or wrist.

A strain is a stretching or tearing of a muscle or tendon. Tendons connect muscles to bones. Strains most often occur in the back or hamstring, the muscles found in the upper part of the back of the leg.

Fractures are cracks or breaks in the bone. Fractures occur when more pressure is applied to the bone than it can stand. Open, or compound, fractures cause the bone to break the skin. Stress fractures are cracks in the bone caused by prolonged stress.