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Human Performance Laboratory

  • Profile of Performance Lab Director

Profile: Performance Lab Director
Iñigo San Millán

Millions of people embark on a daily, time-consuming quest to stay fit and vital. They walk, bike, cycle, pump, sweat, and pore over the nutritional fine print of everything they eat.

Unfortunately, they may not be getting the weight loss and fitness they expect, says Iñigo San Millán, PhD, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at University of Colorado Hospital's Sports Medicine Clinic.



"Societies here and in Europe
follow myths when it comes to
training, such as 'the more you
sweat, the more you lose.'"

Iñigo San Millán, PhD, director of the
Human Performance Laboratory

According to San Millán, the notion that a grueling training schedule automatically leads to fitness and good health is a myth. Why? Because an exercise regimen not tailored to your metabolism can leave you feeling fatigued – and leave you stubbornly over your optimal weight.

The science of fitness

At the Human Performance Lab, San Millán develops training regimens based on science, not subjectivity. Athletes from weekend warriors to world-class competitors undergo a battery of tests at the lab to collect physiologic and metabolic data.

exercise performance lab director

Human Performance Laboratory director San
Millán brings more than a decade of work with
elite athletes to University of Colorado Hospital's
Sports Medicine clinic.

Lab director San Millán uses this data to craft individually tailored training programs. "At the lab," says San Millán, we are applying real science in the service of everyone."

Long experience with elite athletes


San Millán has extensive experience training world-class athletes in a variety of sports, including rowing, track and field, basketball, and, most notably, cycling – he worked with a Tour de France winner and with 15 Grand Tour Podium riders.

He says a dozen years of work with an elite athletic population convinced him that the high-tech tests at the lab, which measure heart rate, oxygen consumption, blood composition and more, could also benefit the average person who just wants to stay fit.

Contact information

Call the Human Performance Laboratory at (720) 848-8208 to find out more about how Iñigo San Millán's expertise can help you reach your fitness goals.


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