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Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation

Healthcare and Other Professionals Treatment

CeDAR offers separate and additional treatment services for Healthcare and Other Professionals  (Attorneys, Pilots, Clergy, Executives, Professors)



The Services for Professionals Include:

4 to 5 Day Residential Diagnostic Evaluation

This Includes a Complete Medical Evaluation, Complete laboratory work-up, GC/MS toxicology testing up to 120 panel, Complete Psychiatric Evaluation, Addiction Medicine, Evaluation of Collateral Information, Complete Psychological Testing and Neuropsychological/Cognitive Screening. We also do a Spiritual Assessment, Chemical and Process Addiction and Assessment, Trauma Assessment, Family and Biopsychosocial Assessment, and Fitness for Practice determination.

Comprehensive Detoxification/Medical Stabilization

  • Meets criteria for medically monitored or managed withdrawal from substances
  • Must agree to at least a 30 day residential treatment following detox

Primary Treatment (30 days)

  • Comprehensive evaluation per above 4-5 day residential evaluation
  • Integrated with Primary residential, Gender Responsive Programming
  • Delivered by an interdisciplinary treatment team
  • 12 Step Foundational services with additional evidence based processes including Mindfulness, CBT, DBT and RPT

Separate/Additional Services for Monitored Professionals include

  • Professionals Process Group Therapy – 2x weekly  
    • Relapse Prevention Therapy
    • Experiential Groups
  • Professionals Psychoeducational group – 1x Weekly
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness (Addressing personality dynamics common in high functioning professionals)
    • Return to Practice issues and needs
    • Co-Occurring process Addictions
    • Change Management
    • Relationship Issues
  • Mirror Imaging
  • Professionals Caduceus Groups – 3x Weekly
  • Three additional 12 step meetings per week
  • Physician led groups ( Addiction Board Certified)
  • Recovering Health Professionals Alumni involvement

Extended Residential Care (60 + days)

  • All the above primary Professionals Specific Programming plus
  • Psychiatric Management
  • Gender Specific Residential Extended Care program and Curriculum
  • Five per week 12 step groups and at least 2 Caduceus groups, temp sponsors
    • Step Study
    • Process Addictions
    • Trauma Awareness
    • Coping Skills
    • Mindfulness Meditation Training
    • Weekend Recovery Based Recreation and Experiential Learning with Phoenix Multisport)

90 Day Professional Program

  • All the above 30 day Primary plus 60 days Residential Extended Care

70 Day Professional Program

A lower cost 70 day treatment option is available if appropriate for professionals who need only a stabilization before admitting to the Extended Care Program.  In these cases, a 10 day primary stabilization program plus 60 day Extended Care program is a more cost effective alternative. Clinical assessment is required to substantiate the appropriateness of this service.

Integrative Medicine Services Available includes:

Massage, Acupuncture, Chiropractic and Pain Management

Our Interdisciplinary Team includes:

Addiction Psychiatrists, Addiction Certified Primary Care Physician, Nursing, Addiction Case Managers/Therapist, Psychologist, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Spiritual Care Professionals and Family Educators.


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