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Caring for Patients with Cancer
at the University of Colorado Hospital

The University of Colorado Cancer Center is the Rocky Mountain region's only National Cancer Institute designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, recognized for its committment to research, clinical services, prevention and control.

Many places offer cancer care. How do I know who's good at it?

A good place to start is to ask the questions below:

Do they treat this form of cancer?

You generally want to find a place that has confronted this disease frequently. In healthcare, as in everything else, the more often you do something the better you are at it.

Have they treated it often?

How many patient visits have they had? You probably want to choose the providers who have the most experience in your region, and have treated the highest number of patients like you or your loved one.

What are this hospital's outcomes?

Most insurance companies grade medical success by survival rates – and you should, too. They are a rough, but telling, measure of how long people survive after receiving a certain kind of treatment.

At University of Colorado Hospital, you'll find the region's broadest, most sophisticated, and helpful collaboration of cancer specialists, sub-specialists, and even sub-sub-specialists. We have demonstrated outcomes of up to 30% higher than state averages for even the most challenging kinds of cancer.

The charts below provide snapshots of the cancer care we offer.


Types of Cancer Treated

During 2008, the University of Colorado Cancer Center provided comprehensive care to patients with the following types of cancer.

Source: UCH Cancer Registry Office

Patient Visits

Over the last eight years, the number of patient visits to the Anschutz Cancer Pavilion has nearly tripled.


Source: UCH Cancer Registry Office


The following charts show the Cancer Center's five-year survival rates for three of the top types of cancer treated at UCCC. The Cancer Center's survival rates compare favorably to the State of Colorado's survival rates for these types of cancer.

Source: UCH Cancer Registry Office