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University of Colorado Hospital Awards and Recognition: For Our Many “Firsts”

Ultimately, clinical care at our hospital is special because we are often among "the first."

UCH surgical team

"Firsts" at University of Colorado Hospital...

  • First to conduct human cell cloning to study genetics and cancer.
  • First to discover how the human cancer gene functions.
  • First to set the international standard for classifying human chromosomes.
  • Performed the world’s first liver transplant.
  • The University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, at which our physicians also teach, is one of the leading recipients of National Institute of Health research funding.
    • Ranked 4th out of 75 public medical schools
    • Ranked 11th out of all medical schools (out of a total of 125)
  • The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has given the Health Sciences Center its highest research ranking, putting it in the exalted company of Cal Tech, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Case Western, and the University of Chicago, among others.