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University of Colorado Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

University of Colorado Hospital Foundation's Mission

To assist the University of Colorado Hospital in transforming healthcare by securing private support so that the lives of our patients can be enhanced and extended; the delivery of care can be done with honesty and sensitivity both to patients and their loved ones; and to provide the latest and the best in research, technology and scientific advances.

Our Board of Directors

University of Colorado Hospital Foundation

The foundation is governed by an extraordinary board of directors, each member already a notable leader in business, finance, philanthropy and many other fields. Each has a special interest in moving health care to new heights. Our board of directors' dedication, support and leadership drives our success.

Chairman of the Board

Vice Chairman of the Board
Mr. Steven Bangert

President of the Board

Members of the Board
Mr. Scott Brown
Mr. Bill Fisher
Mr. Ed Haselden
Mr. Donald M. Marshall
Mr. David B. Sogge
Ms. Carol Warnick