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Published on November 01, 2008

America's Top Doctors For Women

Dr. Deborah Saint-Phard was named in Women's Health Magazine as one of America's Top Doctors for Women.

There was a big disparity between the resources available to male athletes and female athletes when Deborah Saint-Phard was growing up. "Twenty years ago, if you weren't a football player, your injuries weren't taken seriously," says the associate professor in the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine. "Girls today are even more demanding of their bodies, but we've finally started catching up on how gender differences affect the risk for sports injuries. Now there are programs and clinics to meet women's special needs."

Researchers are even starting to develop women-specific training programs (Saint-Phard's pick is called Sportsmetrics) to protect female athletes against injuries.

America's Top Doctors For Women
Women's Health Magazine
November, 2008

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