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A Translational Study of the Interactions between Prior Pregnancy and the Biologic Subtype of Breast Cancer in Defining the Cancer: Host Immunologic Interaction

This study examines differences in the immune system of younger women with pregnancy associated breast cancer (those diagnosed within 5 years of a pregnancy) to those who are not diagnosed with a pregnancy associated breast cancer.
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  • Breast Cancer
EMILY ROZZO at 303-724-0186
Eligibility and Other Participant Information
What To Expect : The study will involve a one time blood draw. We will be taking tissue from a sample after it has been removed during your surgery. Your treatment is not exepcted to change if you participate in this study. If you join the second option of the study, there is no blood draw, only the donation of your previously collected tissue. // Eligibility criteria : Women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have not yet received treatment (surgery, chemotherapy or radiation) are eligible for this study. Women must be between the ages of 18-50 or 60+. Women must be planning on having surgery for treatment purposes. A second option is open for women who have already had their surgery. These women may donate previously collected tumor.